Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ice Cream on Yo' Face!

Sammie and Boo love to go out for Ice Cream. Boo manages to get almost as much on his face as in his mouth and Sammie loves to snap pictures of it. 

As per usual for a 5 year old, he loves blue ice cream. When I was little, it was "Bubblegum" flavored ice cream. Now it's "Cotton Candy" flavored. 

 Okay, so this one and the next aren't ice cream pictures, but they're still good! The one above calls for a caption contest. Some of the entries: "You lookin' at me?" "Just a second Mr. President, I'll be right with you." 

This totally counts as double-tasking!

 And now we return to ice cream 
And this last one is pretty funny... But it's not Boo that makes it funny! 

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