Friday, September 10, 2010

Boo and Food

Boo is feeding himself! This is his first self feeding and he's obviously VERY proud of himself! He's also made a huge mess of himself.

This is the 2nd feeding, later that day, with daddy supervising. Notice the change of clothes. Yep, we go through lots of outfits these days. And a bath every night.

I made the mistake of setting a bowl of something in front of Boo and thinking he would actually grab the spoon and feed himself. Hah! This is where the bowl ended up.

Boo tries to clean up my leftovers at Chipotle. We're teaching him early. In this family, he'll eat at Chipotle a lot!

I've wised up a little with feeding. He's really good at finger foods--cheerios, pieces of bread and fruit, etc. If I want to feed him mush, I keep the bowl WELL away from him and operate the spoon myself.

Boo LOVES fruit! Bananas, strawberries, peaches, apples, and watermelon, especially. In fact, he loves watermelon so much that he'll stuff it in his mouth faster than he can swallow it.

This day, he had so much watermelon stuffed in his mouth that it totally changed the shape of his face. And he stores the watermelon in those cheeks indefinitely. Often after I've cleaned him off and am bathing him or changing him, random pieces of watermelon will drop out of his mouth. He's very... very... silly.