Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Funkweiler as Daddy

It's 10:30 p.m. and Sammie is feeding Bradley, who is having trouble going to sleep tonight, as he does every night.
Sammie puts the bottle in Brad's mouth, who sucks on it for a few seconds then starts crying. Sammie waits for a few minutes, then puts the bottle back in and the process repeats itself. I just overheard Sammie saying this to his young son (1 month old today!), "Brad, your life is so hard. Every time you cry, one of your parents picks you up and feeds you a bottle. You really ought to join a support group." pause "Or are you self conscious about your lack of eyebrows?"

And on the theme of support groups, the other day something quite mundane startled Brad. Sammie commented to him that only Phoebe would be scared of something like that and maybe the two of them ought to join a support group.

But back to the feeding. Sammie just commented to Brad that he starts to cry but then remembers there's a bottle in his mouth and stops. Now, when Brad begins to squak Sammie is saying, "BOTTLE!" to remind Brad not to cry. It's kind of working.

Sammie: It's 4th and 4 Brad and the Giants are going for it!
(Pass complete, 1st down Giants)
Brad: (passes gas)
Sammie: ...and Brad celebrates with a fart!

Watching Sammie as a Dad is pretty amusing.

ps - Brad "celebrates" quite often...

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sammie, when are you going to post more pictures of Brad?

I get asked that question a lot these days. You know, I ran a half marathon yesterday through the Texas hill country -- nobody asks about that, though...

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"

Sammie and Brad take a nap
(Brad would later wake me up by puking all over me...)

"What is that black thing you keep pointing at me?"

Brad really hated his first bath....

...the dissatisfaction of the experience lingered for some time.

Story Time

"Not now, Mommy, the game is on"

From an economic perspective, Brad considers
his fingers as substitute goods for binkies.

Brad likes his new blanket from Aunt Sara

Brad and his Great-Grandmother, Phyllis Duncan

For those who wonder, we have come up with a few nicknames for Brad. We started with B-Rad and that is what we usually call him. It led to B-Radley which then led to Boo Radley -- Melba came up with that, but she won't let me use it -- even though Boo ended up being a good guy. (Maybe some day Melba will give me credit for remembering the storyline of To Kill A Mockingbird.)

Anyways, we also call Brad, "Subtle". This used to be our nickname for Phoebe who is never subtle about wanting anything. Brad is even less subtle....

My latest nickname for him is the Formula-Bibber. This comes from how many bottles he went through yesterday during the SEC and Big 12 Championships games -- he had formula all over himself as he drank, burped loudly while drinking the bottles, would break out into crying fits at sporadic times for no apparent reason, then his eyes would roll back and he would fall asleep for a few minutes only to wake up screaming for more.