Saturday, August 18, 2007

Long time no blog...

It was so fun to see so many of you this past month in Utah or California or both. We had a great trip! It was fun to come home to our own place and to be mostly moved in. We'll take some pictures of our new house soon and post them. It's looking good!
Sammie's painting the bedroom right now. I was "excused" from painting because it goes faster without me (kinda makes me feel like a small child...). Phoebe wasn't much help either. I spilled some paint on the drop cloth we were using (probably another reason I was excused from painting.) Both Sammie and I stepped in it but were careful to cover our feet before walking on the carpet. Phoebe wasn't quite so careful. We found little red paw prints leaving the bedroom and going all the way down the stairs.

Fortunately, the paint came up quickly with water. I already think it's funny but it may take Sammie a little more time to laugh.