Thursday, June 24, 2010

I look like my t-shirt contest

Boo is the newest winner of the "I look like my t-shirt" contest. He wrested the title from his father, the former champion, who won with a "Yosemite Sam" t-shirt.
I love to go back through this blog and look at pictures of Boo. I'm always surprised, though, at how old he's gotten. When I see the pictures of him as a newborn, he hardly feels like a baby to me anymore. He's so much bigger! He's chattering quite a bit... "dadadadada" and "bababababa." I keep trying to teach him "mamamamamama." He's still not quite sitting up on his own (we're working on it) but rolls around all over the place. He especially likes to wedge himself in between the bookshelf and tv stand in our family room. He's also gotten quite a bit of hair, although he still has his "reverse bald spot." That's a clump of hair that grows especially thick and long on the left side of his head. It was also the first patch of scalp to get hair. He is very attached to his "luvy" diaper. I love to cuddle him before I put him in his crib. I look down and can see his little chubby hands playing with the luvy. He snuggles against me and all I can see of his face are long eyelashes, chubby cheeks, and a cute little nose. I know by his heavy breathing when he's fallen asleep. He hardly ever cries once he's woken up. We just hear him talking and laughing to himself on the baby monitor. When we go in his room, he's usually eating his toes or exploring the far corners of his crib. He's excited to see us and laughs as if to say, "Come join the party!"
Boo did a really funny thing a couple of weeks ago. Sammie didn't appreciate my laughing at it, but I couldn't help it. It was fast Sunday and Sammie came home from church with a monster headache. We knelt by the couch to say a prayer to break our fast before eating. (we always eat chocolate first. It's a rule.) Boo was sitting up on the couch in front of us, protected from falling off by us kneeling in front of him. He was squawking a little bit as I said the prayer, then I noticed Sammie shift a little bit and Boo fall silent. I opened my eyes to see Boo contendedly staring into space with two chubby fistfuls of Sammie's red hair. I giggled a little to myself then tried to get back into prayer mode. But then I realized that Sammie had a headache from fasting and Boo pulling on his hair (and he can pull hard!) surely didn't feel very good. And, in a great show of empathy, that made me laugh harder. THEN I realized that the only thing to help Sammie's head is for me to finish the prayer so he could extract himself from Boo's death grip and eat something, thereby diminishing his headache. But I couldn't finish the prayer cuz I was laughing too hard at him! I was laughing harder and harder as Boo continued to stare off in the distance, munching on his binky, his hands full of Sammie's hair. Sammie said I undid any blessings I might have gained by fasting. (IT WAS WORTH IT!)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup and More Exersaucer

So you all know that Sammie loves soccer. The World Cup, which is held every four years, is a huge event for him. Four years ago, during the 2006 World Cup, we were living in a tiny condo in the DC area, couldn't afford cable tv, and were excited to start our family. Sammie was preparing for the GMAT so he could go to graduate school for his MBA. He would jokingly complain that he couldn't watch the world cup because he had to study. You know how he is about soccer... could he really give up the world cup for a good score on the GMAT? I would remind him that if he studied hard and did well, he could get into a good graduate program and then he could watch the next world cup on a big screen tv with Brad. Of course, we didn't realize that Brad would come into our home in a different way than we expected, but it was a happy day on Friday when Sammie sat down in front of his big screen tv, Brad in his lap, and watched the first two games of the world cup. I'm proud of him for working so hard!

Dreams really do come true! (That's an inside joke for Sammie.)

Maybe I can use the force to influence the game...

Mom, this is guy time.
Enjoy the video of Boo in his exersaucer. He's one happy little kid!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Movie of Boo

Some kids like to play with their food. Ours likes to play with his utensils. He now screams so much when we take the spoon from him that we have to give him a spoon to play with while we feed him and use a different one to try and sneak food into his mouth. This video was done a couple of days ago before his absence-of-spoon-screaming-fits. Enjoy... (warning... it's long, about 6 mins. We only really imagine that his grandmothers will want to watch the whole thing. And we know they'll watch it repeatedly. :) )