Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Non-Blog

We're back! It's been two months since our last post. Rumors abound through cyberspace of why we have not blogged in so long. We'd like to dispel a few of them now.

1. No. Sammie did not accept the job with the Amish, thereby limiting our internet access.
2. No. Melissa did not burn her eyeballs out playing crossword puzzles and solitaire on the computer and have to give up computing.
3. No. Texas does NOT, in fact, have laws restricting communication with those on the outside. (Although we will neither confirm nor deny that similar laws are currently in front of the state legislature.)

4. Yes. We left our home in PA on June 8 and since then have been in 16 different states and have had our mail forwarded to 3 different addresses.

Here's a fun fact. We have seen every family member in both the Boyers and the Markhams except for the Markhams who live in Texas. So much for Sammie's argument that, "We'll be close to family if we live in Texas, Melba!" (We're excited to see all Texas Markhams over Labor Day weekend!)

We're finally in our beautiful home in Austin, TX with a regular paycheck, a fenced-in backyard for Phoebe, a lawn that took Sammie 3 hours to mow this morning (not because of the size of the yard, but because of the length of the grass!), and a kitchen large enough for all of Melba's cooking toys. (In fact, there's room to buy more!)

Ahem. We need visitors! If you like 100 degree weather, by all means head down now. But hurry because rumor has it that it may cool off by Hallowe'en. If you like mild winters, head down in a few months. We have a guest bedroom ready for y'all!

Stay tuned for pictures of the new digs...