Saturday, July 17, 2010

Got It!

Video of Boo crawling. I had a stuffed monkey sitting right in front of me. That's what he's aiming for and grabbing.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

More on the Retrieval Impaired

Sorry that this post isn't about Boo. Stay tuned for pics and videos of him crawling, sitting, and rolling!
Every so often I post about Sammie's retrieval impairment. Either he can't find something that is right in front of him, or he loses something then finds it in a weird place. I think I gained insight into what malfunctions in his mind to make this happen. Yesterday, I asked him where something was. He was sitting on the couch with his back to me and I was a few feet away in the kitchen. Literally, this is what he said, "It's over there... It's back... It's in the yellow... It's with... Do you see it?"

I'm not making this up!

If a similar dialogue plays in his head every time he looks for something, no wonder he can never find anything!