Monday, May 23, 2011

Head Dives off the Couch

I'm a huge blog-loser. I'm sorry. Obviously, I'm not the only one in the world with a lot going on, but life has been a blur since January. Here's a quick rundown, then I'll get to what you're really here for... Pictures of Boo.
Work: Sammie - has transitioned into his new role as regional manager where he coordinates on site service for the western US. He loves it! He works with a bunch of other smart alecks, comes home with lots of funny stories, travels a little bit, and works hard! Melba - taught Humanities 1302 Renaissance to present. Since I hadn't taught this particular class before, it required a lot of prep, plus the usual grading, responding to student emails, and... oh yeah... teaching. Boo - Loves to CLIMB! We now have all extraneous chairs and step ladders out of site, including the 2 kitchen chairs, which we put up on the kitchen table when they're not in use. (Remember in Elementary School, putting your chairs up every day?) Also loves to empty cupboards. The other day Sammie watched as he grabbed the basket of tupperware from the only un-child-proofed cupboard (we did that on purpose...) in the kitchen, walked across the room, dumped out all of the tupperware on the floor underneath the table, then walked back to the cupboard and returned the now-empty basket, neatly, in its place. Also works hard torturing the dog, hiding household objects around the house or in the backyard (we finally found the egg white separator!), and making his Mom and Dad laugh. We love him!
Church: Sammie and I are both in presidencies: EQ and RS. It took some juggling for the third hour of church, especially when we were both teaching or both conducting. Now, though, Boo is in nursery! He went last week and loved it! He even came home with a picture that he colored. We were so proud! Here's the picture he colored. (A streak of red and a few yellow scribbles up by the moon and stars). When they gave it to me, I had one of those moments of, "Oh my gosh! I'm really a parent!"Hey, it's not much, but we're pretty sure van Gogh didn't do anything like this when he was 18 months.
Health: For Christmas, Sammie and I gave each other a personal trainer. We joined the nearest Gold's and have an awesome kick-in-the-pants trainer named Jami. She don't take no prisoners! We're both down about 25 lbs. and feel great! It's fun to do together. It's been a time commitment though--2 workouts with Jami plus 3 cardio workouts each week. Boo loves the kid's club. All of the workers there know him and when we walk in we always hear an enthusiastic "Hi Boo!"
So there's my excuse for not blogging. Semester's over, though, so I really really hope to be better.

Here's a video I took last February of one of Boo's favorite past times... diving off the couch. Dad doesn't seem to mind it too much either.

One of the best things about my teaching is how close Sammie and Boo have gotten. They're best little buddies!One last pic... Did I mention how he likes to take random household objects and hide them?