Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fancy Fotography

This is one of my favorite movies that I've ever taken. The content is pretty good. It's Phoebe discovering and playing with her toy squirrel that my mom sent her. But my favorite part is that halfway through the film, I realize that Phoebe is jumping up and down and so I should turn the camera to portrait view rather than landscape. The result is, well... just lay your left ear on your shoulder and you should be able to view it just fine.

Lots of fun... In the meantime, here's handsome Boo in his easter outfit. I was supposed to be in Relief Society, but I was too fascinated taking pictures of him. How can one worship when one's baby is so adorable?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eating Cereal!

In Boo's honor, we now refer to all food at our house as "formula." Mommy and Daddy have yummy formula that's a lot different from Boo's. When he's older, he'll eat Mommy and Daddy's formula. The furry blue monster on his diaper is "formula" monster. (Okay, that's because they changed him to "veggie monster" to get kids to eat more healthy foods and I think that's really stupid. Even stupider than formula monster.)
Anyway, Boo has a new formula! He likes oatmeal more than he likes rice. We haven't really tried anything else...

The first day I fed him, he ate VORACIOUSLY! As soon as he saw the spoon coming out of the bowl, he would open his mouth and flap his arms (baby bird-like). By the time the spoon got to his mouth, he couldn't stand it any more and would clamp down just milliseconds too early. The spoon would hit his mouth and send mush splattering all over his face. (And I thought he generated a lot of laundry before...)