Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two things of note...

First, Melba just about cried yesterday watching football. It was one of those, "My heart has swelled with such deep emotion that I can't help but cry" cries. Was it the BYU clobbering of Tulane? No. Was it the intensity of USC vs. OSU? No. Well, what was it? Beaver Stadium -- just the sight of it put her in complete and utter nostalgia and created a deep longing for days when Beaver Stadium was a part of her daily routine. So proud :)

Second, help Travis out -- he has made an animated short and entered it into a contest. Go here and vote for it:

Then create an account and rate it really high and leave a good comment.

Oh, and unpacking is going slowly but surely. We're still not quite at a point to take pictures, but we should be soon. For now, you'll have to enjoy the front of the house.