Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Welcome to House of Funkweiler

I'm just getting up to speed in the blogging world and decided to write a blog about life with my husband, Sammie Markham a.k.a. Vernon P. Funkweiler. We got married on August 18, 2005. You can see our wedding album and lots of pictures at his family's website.

Last night, we had a couple of friends over for dinner. After they left, we sat and chatted--mostly about my birthday (which is today!!). I told him about the night before my birthday 3 years ago when my parents called to wish me happy birthday and I burst into tears and sobbed to them over the phone. It was a hard year. I've come a long way since then. Happily married. 3 good jobs. Good friends. Glad it's now and not then.

Sammie would get mad at that sentimental note. Here's one more up to his speed (meaning humorous, not mushy).

I don't know if it's Sammie or guys in general or what, but he is retrieval-impaired. He can't find anything! I give you three situations as evidence. First, (a few months ago) Sammie ran into the bedroom to grab something that was supposed to be on the floor by the bed. It wasn't there so he yelled, "Melba! Where's my -----?" I walked in the bedroom and found it two feet above where he had looked--sitting on the bed. Second, Sammie, aware of my amusement at his inability to find things, carefully searched for his tape measure in many nooks and crannies in multiple rooms. He finally came into the kitchen to ask me if I knew where it was. I walked into the front room to find it sitting in plain sight on a stack of papers. Third, (my favorite) Sammie (in all his wonderfulness) cooked dinner a couple of nights ago. (He also cooked dinner last night.) He looked all over for the cheese grater, including three times in the cupboard where it was. But never found it. He finally made do without it. Last night, as he was cooking again, he finally saw it.

I know what you're thinking--the guy makes dinner two nights in a row and you complain that he can never find anything? My point exactly. That's the only thing I have to complain about. Which is why life with Sammie is so great.