Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adenoids Out, Tubes In

Boo had a minor surgery on Monday to have his adenoids taken out and tubes put in his ears. He was kind of nervous when we took him to the prepping room. But he tried to be good-natured at first. He didn't complain when we put the hospital gown on him. (So cute! He looked like Yoda! I think I have a great idea for a Halloween costume!) But his sense of humor gave out when they put the identification bracelet on his ankle. Sammie held him and we tried singing songs and playing games with him to calm him down. After a little bit, the nurse gave him a dose of some kind of sedative that they warned us would make him act drunk. Wow! I wish I'd had my camera! Sammie played voice to Boo's inebriated state. Looking at me with a blurry smile, he slurred, "These are the greatest Kleenexes ever! How come you've never given me these before, Mom!" I was worried before that we were disturbing the other patients with Boo's crying. But I worried more that they were bothered with our laughing. Boo makes one cute drunk!

Since I don't have any pics from the hospital, here's one from the backyard.

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Janie said...

LOL! Ty has tubes in his ears too and they called the sedative "happy juice." Here's to no more ear infections!