Thursday, June 21, 2007


Those of you who were on the Israel trip with me will remember that on June 7th (our second day in Galilee) I was exceptionally stressed out about something. I finally opened up to Melissa about it after making her first promise that she wouldn't get mad at me when I told her what it was. I was stressed out because that was the day Penn State Football tickets went on sale. I had given my good friend, Steve, my log in and credit card info so he could get tickets for me while I was gone. I was stressed out about whether or not Steve would be able to get them for me -- I knew he would try his darndest and if anyone could get them, it would be Steve, but still, this is PSU Football and isn't therefore easily put into the back of one's mind even if you're in Israel. Well, Steve came through like a champ and got the tickets. Thank you, Steve.

Now that I'm back in the States I've been going over some PSU MBA message boards and a few people have posted that they didn't get tickets. Then I found this. I really owe Steve big time. I mean talk about your all-time bottom of the ninth, two out, bases loaded grand-slams. I don't know if I've ever sought after something with such high demand...

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