Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Have We Met??

Since Sammie and I are still getting over jetlag, we have been going to bed before 9 and sleeping deeply until about 5. In the middle of the night, I had a horrible cramp in my leg and sat up in bed. As I tried to put pressure on it to relieve the pain, I cried out a little bit. Sammie sat up, concerned, and said, "What's wrong Sarah? I mean what's wrong, Elizabeth?"
Even through the pain of the cramp and the grogginess of the rude awakening, I knew something was wrong.
"My name's not Sarah or Elizabeth."
"What's wrong...(pause) Melba?"
The next morning, after jumping on me to wake me up (you may have read about that from a previous post. It has now become a tradition), I asked him about the middle-of-the-night incident. He said, "Oh yeah! I remember forgetting your name!"
I'm not sure which side effect of traveling is worse: "Pharaoh's Revenge" on our digestive tracks or forgetting a spouse's name...

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