Monday, February 02, 2009

Go Steelers!

For me, the best part about the Superbowl usually isn't the football. It's all the hype surrounding the event--trash talking, getting together with friends, the great commercials, bingo...

Trash Talking:
Sammie and I aren't huge Steeler fans, but we'd be tarred and feathered here in State College if we didn't cheer for them. My little sister Anna lives in Arizona and caught the Cardinals spirit. She called Sammie on Saturday just to tell him that Chipotle (Sammie's favorite burrito place) was giving away free food to anyone wearing red. Between the biting, chewing, swallowing, lip-smacking, and finger-licking she put Sammie in his trash-talking place. Following are some of the highlights of the conversation (which took place on speaker phone, so I got to listen in and laugh).
Sammie: It's bad enough that you guys have a Chipotle that you can just go to whenever you want. But FREE CHIPOTLE!?!
Anna: Don't feel too bad Sammie, until a few months ago, I didn't even know Arizona had an NFL team.
S: Yeah, well I wouldn't expect a University of Utah fan to know that much about football.
Melba: (loud laughter)
A: Yeah that's right. Now, remind me Sammie, how did the season end for the U?
I was very proud of my little sister. Sammie, on the other hand, threatened to block her calls.

The local newspaper printed Superbowl Bingo cards and I cut them out and took them to our Superbowl party at Todd and Donna Fuller's (school friends). It put a different spin on the game to cheer for something besides a stuffed pig skin. When the Cardinals challenged the Steelers' first touch down, some people in the room cheered: "Oh good! Coach's challenge - I have that one!" When a player would near the sidelines, Kelly would yell, "Trample somebody on the sidelines!" And when the ball went out of bounds, Shawn exclaimed, "A redheaded cheerleader!" We also searched for a coach covering his mouth so that spies couldn't red his lips, lip-readable cursing, an end zone dance, "D fence" sign, and a sleeping kid with a team jersey on. Shawn and Lauren ended up winning. I gave them a box of orange sticks as a prize.


Julie said...

You know there is a Chipotle Restaurant in Round Rock, right? However, I'm quite positive that no bingo game could make watching a football game less painful. (A Star Trek trailer, now, that's a good start! But that was available the next day on the Internet...)

Kirbell said...

Love the game idea. That might actually get me through a future football game.

Martha said...

That actually sounds like a fun Superbowl party. Although I have to admit I've never been to one at all so maybe they're fun and I don't know. My favorite memory from Superbowl Sunday was wetting my pants on a drunk guy's doorstep in Houston. Now that was fun!

cath said...

oh, martha, i NEED that story!!

meliss ... i love having a glimpse into your (apostate-sunday-sports-watching) life! ... but seriously ... wish i could have joined in the fun ...