Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sammie the Smelly

In my last post, I complained about the low temperatures in Central PA and mentioned that we were anticipating some "low highs." Last Friday, we reached a whopping high of 8. During this mini ice age, Sammie and I were driving in the car when a rather indiscreet noise came from his side of the car. This was soon followed by an even less discreet smell. I followed standard procedure for this situation which is to quickly roll down my window, stick my head out of the car as far as it will go, and breathe deeply until I feel the air in the car might once again be safe for respiration. As I did this, Sammie complained that I was letting cold air into the car. I complained that HE was letting BAD air into the car. When I finally deemed the atmosphere in the car once again non-toxic, I pressed on the button to raise the car window and protect us from the bitter January afternoon. What an unlucky time to discover that our car windows weren't working properly. I sat with my finger on the button for what seemed like hours as the window slowly crept up and the cold air rapidly rushed in. Sammie's usually pretty proud of his indiscretions, but his embarassment rose higher and higher as the window rose more and more slowly.
Oh. And did I mention we were sitting at the drive through window at the bank?


cath said...

this is horrible! you post like this and sammie won't let you post on a weekly basis!!

other than that, HYS-TER-I-CAL!!

Spenceanna said...

HAHA! I hear you--i think husbands in general must be good sources of "bad air." Last night Spence picked me up from work and all I had to do was open the door, not even get in, to be hit with a wall of it.
PS--I used your recipe for whole grain pancakes last night and they were fantastic! Muchas Gracias

Carrie said...

It's a good thing neither Zeke nor Joe are into blogging, or they would read this post and turn green with envy! (Towards Sammie, not you.)
Love you!

Carrie said...

P.S. "Grunt" is reading with me, and HE is jealous. :)