Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Funkweiler in the Dell

OK, lots to write and little time to do it. I just finished Mod 3. It was quite a killer. Not only was it a complete overload of assignments and such, but it was also when the big recruiters came to campus. Each class was really challenging and they all required a lot of homework. The cases aren’t easy anymore… They are really tough. They require a lot of thinking, calculations and everything you recommend has to be supported by quantifiable data. Ugh.

I spent a lot of time perfecting my resume over the break (the Boyer’s will probably remember me in their basement on Christmas Day working on my resume…) in anticipation of the recruiters coming to campus. I applied for just about every opening thinking that I could play the odds and get a handful of interviews. I ended up getting an interview offer for every position I applied for. (Thank you, Career Services, for all of the resume workshops.) Trust me when I say interviewing is very time consuming – it requires the interview, online applications, dinners, info sessions, researching the company, etc.

By the middle of the Mod I was overwhelmed school and interviewing and I decided it was more important to get an intern than it was to get good grades. I got 2 offers in early Feb – both of which were good, but not exactly what we wanted. I kept approaching other companies and got 2 more offers – from Dell and ExxonMobil – that were both exactly what we wanted. Dell’s offer was in Operations and Exxon’s was in Procurement. (Exxon has A LOT of money, believe you me…) I flew to Austin last week to visit Dell and signed papers with them while I was there. So we’ll be in Austin this summer. Intern starts May 19th and ends August 1st.

My brain really hurts right now because I just finished 2 finals and had another one yesterday. I don’t know what my grades will be like, but I have an internship. Melba is really sweet – she drove me to school today (eyes hurt too much for contacts so I couldn’t drive…) and when she brought me home there was a big bunch of green balloons in the living room with sayings like, “YOU ROCK!!!” and “Me loves You.”

Now I’m off to Istanbul for a week and then Spring Break and then Mod 4 starts. I’m glad I’ll time to sleep on the airplane – because I really need some. I’ll write more later and try to give a better update. Sorry there’s nothing really funny in this blog. It was more of an update –I have been way too slammed than to do anything but study, study, fly out to interviews, study, do more interviews, and study.

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plex said...

Congrats on the intern, bro. Maybe this will be enough to convince Janet that we should make a trip to Texas:)