Monday, March 19, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Melba and I went up to State College on Saturday to look at homes. We mostly just wanted to walk through what we had looked at on the internet and narrow the search down to 2-3 places. We saw several units and none of them were what we were looking for -- until we got to the last one. It was perfect. Because it was a new development, we went and looked at some other ones that were available and decided on one. It was a good price and we were ready to take it. Then the listing agent showed up...

Melba and I were upstairs and we were listening in on her conversation with our agent, Ryan. He played his cards well and didn't let her know we had made our choice. Thank goodness. When Ryan said we had looked at several places in the city and we were 'thinking' about unit 103 -- the listing agent responded that they had just knocked off $10,000 from the price of that unit. That made it significantly less than any other one we had looked at all day! We're faxing/emailing/signing all of the documents today. We're excited. Here's a link to the homepage so you can see more about where we're going to live for the next two years.

Ours is an interior unit with some slight changes from what is shown on the webpage. We don't have the wall in the master bedroom that comes out from the closets -- I'm talking about the wall that makes you wonder why it would ever be installed in the first place. And we don't have an island in the kitchen or a raised celing in the master bedroom. We'll move up there in July -- you are all welcome to come visit.

Now if we can only have this much luck in selling our current place...

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