Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We Have a New Nephew!!

OK, technically he's not our nephew. More our cousin once removed. But who's going to get that technical? He's the son of my cousin Drew and his wife Janie. His name is William McKay Nelson and you can meet him, see pictures, and enjoy his parents' sense of humor at their blog.

Speaking of new babies, two of my sisters are expecting! What's even better, they're expecting within a week of each other in January. Last night, Sammie almost made one of them, Carrie, go into labor over the phone. We called her to wish her a happy birthday and Sammie also congratulated her on her upcoming "litter." With a very active (and adorable) 2-year-old, Carrie almost went into shock thinking about having a whole litter of new babies.

We're still refining Sammie's social skills...

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Stephanie said...

The comment was funny and appropriate. Work on the sister. ;)