Friday, July 14, 2006

Melba Update...

Last night I went with the EQP to visit some new families in the ward. While driving around, he told me that on Wednesday his wife, Cherisse, went to Girls Camp for the day – the same Girls Camp where Melba has been all week. His wife told him that she hadn’t been there 30 seconds before Melba took her into a locked room to let her in on the plot Melba created to steal the mattresses from the other cabins.

So last night when Melba called I told her I had heard some stories about her at camp. Long pause. “What stories?”

“The mattresses.”

“What did you hear?”

I told her what I had heard and there was another long pause. “Sammie, that story isn’t totally true. Cherisse had been at camp for at least an hour before I told her about my plot to steal the mattresses.”

So proud.

Oh, and the plot was not only successful, but executed with military precision...

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