Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gender Roles -

It turns out that losing an appendix is expensive. We have insurance, but patient responsibility and deductible start to add up. Sammie had set aside the next couple of months to devote to studying for the GMAT, which he hopes to take this summer. However, when a friend of mine approached him about shooting her wedding in a couple of weeks, he jumped at the chance. He told me later that he did it to pay the hospital bills for my surgery.

So... I watch Sammie come home from a full day's work, sit down at his computer, and start working on pictures until late in the evening. Often, he'll take a break to spend time with me and then keep working after I've gone to bed. I try to fix meals and keep up on the housework so he doesn't have to worry about that.

Last night, feeling emotional, I expressed my gratitude to him for taking such good care of me. I then attempted to comment on how we were falling into traditional gender roles already--he was worrying about finances, I was taking care of things at home. (It's so nice, by the way! It feels so natural.) I only got as far as "Sammie, it's funny how we're falling into traditional gender roles." Following is the rest of the conversation:

Sammie: Man watches football, woman fixes dinner?
Me: No, man makes stupid joke, woman rolls her eyes.
Sammie: Or, man works two jobs to finance woman?

Woman laughs so hard, she almost has to return to hospital. Man would then have to take three jobs...

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cath said...

i love this blog!!! i love your relationship ... i am sooo happy you are so happy ... and that you get lots to laugh at ...

and i am thankful to know men like sammie exist ... how comforting ... love to you both!

and, you have inspired me ... i started a blog today ... i have wanted to for awile, so thanks for the push. (