Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Yesterday, a friend and I took our kids downtown to the Children's Museum for Baby Bloomer hours, where they only let in kids 3 and under. We played hard then had a good lunch and were tired as we trudged through the thick heat and humidity back to the car. Boo didn't want me to carry him, but I told him he had to hold my hand if he was going to walk. Yeah right, Mom! He shoved his two chubby hands in the pockets of his jean shorts and went sauntering down the street!Boo's cheeks get really red in the heat. Just like his Mommy's. :) This is actually long hair for him. He's now newly buzzed, which makes his hair pretty much disappear.

Boo playing with new toys from Grannie.

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Wendy said...

He's a beautiful boy!