Friday, June 03, 2011

This, That, and Boo

Boo has become so affectionate. Yesterday, I was having a tough day. I wasn't feeling very good and was super light-headed. Boo wasn't feeling well either and was fussy. By the time we left for the grocery store in the late afternoon, I was feeling pretty down and stayed quiet during our drive. When I got Boo out of his car seat, he wrapped his fat little arms around my neck, put his head on my shoulder, and cuddled with me all the way into the grocery store. It totally turned my day around!
He still has his sassy side, too. Today we were again leaving and, suddenly, I couldn't find him. I looked all over the house, starting to panic. I even ran outside to check the yard and (heaven help us!) the street. As I went back through the house, calling his name, I finally heard a muffled crying. He had gone into the guest bedroom and shut the door. (I had looked in there earlier but didn't see him). Then he had gone into the closet and shut that door! By the time I found him, he was a little tearful and I was SO relieved!!

Here's a random video of Boo and Sammie being silly. (Check out Sammie's legs! He's looking awesome!)

Sammie and Boo are still best buds. When I got home from Relief Society last night, Sammie actually felt guilty for putting Boo to bed on time rather than letting him stay up to hang out longer.


Julie said...

I love getting updates about Boo!

anna said...

I love these posts, Melb! He sounds like Mr. Personality--especially when he laughs! I can't wait to hang out with him in Balboa!