Monday, June 14, 2010

Movie of Boo

Some kids like to play with their food. Ours likes to play with his utensils. He now screams so much when we take the spoon from him that we have to give him a spoon to play with while we feed him and use a different one to try and sneak food into his mouth. This video was done a couple of days ago before his absence-of-spoon-screaming-fits. Enjoy... (warning... it's long, about 6 mins. We only really imagine that his grandmothers will want to watch the whole thing. And we know they'll watch it repeatedly. :) )


Tricks are for Kidds said...

Very Very CUTE! And even though it may take a very long time for him to get all of his food, he doesn't look like he's starving!

Thanks for sharing!

Spenceanna said...

give that boy a vuvuzela!