Sunday, March 28, 2010

Boo Out Loud

So... I know I'm always blogging about Boo's burps. But they really are incredible. And he totally outdid himself today. In fast and testimony meeting... Yes, all you Mormons know what's coming. A sister was bearing a very sweet, spiritual, and emotional testimony. I put Boo on my shoulder and ... WOW! No. I mean...


A friend of mine was sitting across the aisle and she said when she heard it, she thought, "Who in the world?" And then, of course, looked over to see Boo. Sammie later said it wasn't so much that Boo burped loudly that was embarassing, it was how long and uncontrollably I laughed about it. The best is that he maintains his innocent face, with his big round eyes and his little puckered mouth. And when I started laughing, he looked so startled. "Everyone does that in church, don't they Mom?"

Sorry I didn't capture the moment on camera. I have some other random pictures of him, though. Hope you enjoy!

So much cheek for Mommy to kiss!

Cool exersaucer from Granny Boyer

He's almost outgrown his swing! (and his 6 months clothes at age 4 1/2 months)

With his buddies from the ward

The wallpaper on my new phone.


Julie said...

Burping in church. Oh, I'm so sad I missed it!

Carrie said...

What a cutie!! Maybe he's just more spiritually mature than you realize and was trying to say "Amen" . . . a little early. You never know. Kiss those chubby cheeks for me! :)
Love, Aunt Carrie

Douglas Family said...

That is awesome - but I am sure it was embarassing at the time. Can't blame you for laughing. Claire has a talent for burps burps out of a petite 3 year old.

Leslie said...

You are totally right, those cheeks are just amazing! Keep the burps coming Boo - you are so cute!!

Martha said...

Way to go Brad--following in the traditions of his Boyer family!