Thursday, June 04, 2009

June 1 Home

Monday morning we got to the airport early, got checked in, and were standing in line for security when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Betty and Janet! Two of the four sisters we enjoyed so much on the boat. They had send the other two off earlier that morning and were waiting to their flight to Philadelphia and then on to San Diego. We were excited to meet up with them because we had never said goodbye and didn’t have their contact information. Betty had a few Euros left, so she bought us some drinks and we chatted with them until it was time to board. I’m so glad we met them!

The rest of Monday was one. long. boring. sweaty. crowded. cramped. airplane ride.

Did I mention long?

We had the two middle seats (you get what you pay for…) and, fortunately, the guys on either side of us were nice about letting us out, but we were still cramped. I watched “He’s Just Not That into You” and loved it! In fact, it made me cry. Sammie woke up just in time to see me crying and make the requisite number of jokes about my crying over a dumb chick flick. I also watched “Hairspray,” which I’ve seen before, but absolutely love! John Travolta is the most awesomest person in the whole world! Sammie’s movie player didn’t work so we switched seats and he watched movies while I read, drooled on his shoulder, played solitaire, and complained about how long the airplane ride was (10 hours).

My cousin Cate Todd picked us up at Dulles and drove us to her house, where we had left our car. It was so fun to see her and her wonderful kids again. They’ve been here ever since I moved to the east. In fact, I lived with them for a couple of weeks when I first got to Harrisburg and waited for my apartment to be available. I lived about twenty minutes from them, was in the same ward, and spent lots of time at their house. They are such a great family! I’ll really really miss them.

We were both anxious to get back home, even though it was late, so we loaded up on munchies and caffeine and drove back to PA. We made it home by 1 a.m. (which felt like 7 a.m.) and fell into bed.

What a great adventure!!!


Julie said...

Phoebe. Did you remember you have a dog? How is she? Any jealousy over your towel origami creatures?

Welcome back to the USA!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really fun, hot, sweaty trip. Just getting you ready to live in Texas the rest of your life, right? Awesome "Tango" photo, I gots to see more photos!!!

Hillary and Cameron said...

I had fun reading about your cruise. I'm glad Y'ALL had such a great time. When do Y'ALL move to Austin?

Hillary and Cameron said...

That last comment was written by Hillary.

Spenceanna said...

Spence and I are so sad your trip is over--your blog has been our entertainment for the last few weeks...glad you had such a great time!