Thursday, March 05, 2009

Someone Has a Crush on Phoebe

Phoebe loves to give kisses. We're pretty tolerant of her licking our hands or feet (although that can really tickle) but don't really like her to lick our faces. That doesn't stop her from trying, though.

Phoebe and I also love to walk together. There's a little dirt road by our house with a young calf in a very small fenced-in area. I usually try to keep Phoebe away from the calf, so she won't scare it, but the other day I let her creep close so I could see what would happen. Phoebe pranced over to the calf's cage, nose in the air, tail wagging, very curious, eager to make a new friend. The calf saw Phoebe approaching and began to lower her head and move closer, also curious and anxious for a buddy. They slowed down as their noses neared each other's, inching closer and closer. They were timid at first but soon warmed up. Finally, the cow reached out her long pink tongue and gave Phoebe a huge slobbery kiss across her face!

Friendship aborted.

Phoebe turned with a shudder and ran away. I followed laughing and said, "It's not so nice, is it Phoebes?"

ps - I think Phoebe's tendency to "kiss and run" stems from her father. :)

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Julie said...

Have you heard about Phoebe's Uncle Dave? He's the one with the big, slobbery licks on the face.