Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Crazy Wife

After laughing hysterically at this video, my wife went out with the Relief Society President and then sent her this email:

BYU went up in the rankings from 18 to 14. Sammie's ecstatic!

I told him about the Smiths moving and he was most unhappy. He was wondering if we were going to call him as the new RS Secretary. I told him probably not.

Thanks again for the meeting tonight. I'll e-mail you tomorrow.

Love you,



jkidd said...

Sammie must be in heaven this week, with both PSU and BYU in the top 10. I'm just not sure whether he'd like BYU higher or PSU higher...

cath said...

IF you ever read this, meliss ... i have tagged you!! (although sammie is also free to reply) ...


thanks for the chat the other night - always a good day when i get me some meliss time! looking forward to hearing about the employment decision!!!

Martha said...

Yoo-hoo!!! Where are you guys?