Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23's edition of "Why My Husband is a Poopoohead"

Before I left for PA, I told him that I was leaving clothes in the dryer because they wouldn't be dry in time for me to get them out and fold them. He responded by saying, "I'm sure they'll still be there when you get back." I laughed. It was funny. A clever joke.
Or so I thought.
Today, I go to do laundry, open the dryer, and, sure enough, there are the clothes still there for me, now that I'm back. Just like my husband, the Poopoohead, said.

And that is today's reason why my husband is a Poopoohead.


Dean Family said...

You are so funny!!!

Bekah said...

Miss you already, glad you got home okay. Interestingly enough, I had the exact same experience!

Sara Corinne said...

Well, a real "poopoohead" would have put your clothes on laundry room floor so he could dry his own laundry in the dryer.
My brother is more of a "silly goose"