Saturday, May 10, 2008

32 Down, at least 16 (but more like 24) more to go

I’m officially done with the first year of MBA School. Um, that’s it. And we’re leaving for Texas Monday. But that’s not why we blog – we blog to tell people the funny things we do. So here’s a part of the conversation Melba and I had about finishing up the first year of MBA School:

Melba: So, you’re done with the first year of MBA School.

Sammie: Yes, I’m done. So what does that mean?


Melba: I don’t know – what does it mean?

Sammie: I don’t know either. That’s kinda why I asked. They taught us a lot in the first year, but they didn’t teach us that. I hear it’s an elective for the 2nd year.

OK, I admit that’s not really funny. In fact, it’s not even kinda funny. In fact, I wonder if I should even post this blog. Spending the past two weeks taking finals has made me pretty boring. I ought to be funny again by the time we make it to Austin.

As I write this stupid blog, Melba watches a stupid chic flick. I laugh at the cathartic scene where the bratty step-daughter finally has a heart-to-heart with her step mother (right then, the step-mom goes into labor – funny) and Melba wishes me away. Then she says, “I like Emma (the step-mom). Of course, she’s too good to be true, but everyone needs a character that’s too good to be true.”

So I say, “Melba, you have someone in your life who is too good to be true.”

Melba looks at me, smiles, and says, “Yes – my sister, Carrie.”

This blog sucks.

I’ll post something better sometime later.

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Dean Family said...

You guys really are the funniest couple I have ever met!!! You guys are so happy, funny, and great- We will miss you while you are gone, but can't wait for your return. We love you guys!