Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our Dog is Crazy

Phoebe loves stuffed animals!! And they're even more fun if they make noise. In fact, the more annoying the noise, the more fun the toy is. Grannie (Mom Boyer) sent this toy frog to Phoebe for Valentine's Day. Hopefully you can hear the clip and experience the "ribbit" for yourself... Also, my sister Martha is obsessed with pointing out and mocking nerdy laughs. Mo - check out my laugh after Sammie's joke. WORST EVER!!!!!
In this next clip, which is shorter, you can hear Sammie in the background, telling me about Luke losing his appendix. (Welcome to the A- team, Luke!)
Finally, last December I had a huge stack of papers to grade, so naturally, I was looking for unimportant things to do to avoid grading. I ended up taking pictures of Phoebe and thought it was funny how well she posed for the camera.


LAHansen said...

I love your laugh, brings back such great memories!

Martha said...

Sorry I'm a little slow on the uptake here. Your laugh is great! Especially because it goes on and on. And at the beginning it's really airy, like you're pushing a huge load out in front of the laugh. And cute hair! I'm planning on cutting mine short before Hong Kong.

Luke said...

Hey there Funkweilers,
It's great to hear your voices in those videos. If you think that frog is obnoxious, you should hear the squeaky shoes that Abby and Katie wear EVERYWHERE (also gifts from Larves, of course)! Bring Phoebe's frog to the OBX and we'll bring the squeaky shoes and it'll be a duel! We can't wait to see you guys in the Outer Banks (and hopefully before then in St. Louis on your way back from Texas). The Outer Banks is looking like the ultimate Boyer vacation, never to be outdone. Great idea, you guys! Hope to talk to you soon.