Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cost Accounting is truly fascinating. To me, at least.

School is going well. My apologies to everyone who I completely ignore – I’m just too busy with school to talk to any of you. ‘You’ in this case is pretty much everyone besides Melba – who actually doesn’t get near as much of my time as she would like. And even then, it’s usually me explaining something to her that I think is really cool and she thinks is really nerdy.

This weekend I was slammed with homework to the point that I gave away my football tickets because I needed THE ENTIRE weekend to work on homework. Don’t worry, I still watched the game on TV – while I did homework. Friday night was all about the homework too, as was most of the day today, except for dinner because we had friends over. Here is the conversation Melba and I had (verbatim) after dinner:

Sammie: Melba, thank you SOOOO much for doing the dishes. You are so wonderful.

Melba: You’re welcome.

Sammie: Seriously, Melba. I have been struggling with this accounting homework since Friday night. Thank you so much for making the meals and doing the dishes. Just for that I owe you thanks. But especially because it gave me time to finish this assignment.

Melba: You’re welcome. (And then she walked over and kissed me.)

Sammie: The good news is that I’ve figured it out and I must say – this is absolutely fascinating stuff.

Melba: (With a really sly look on her face) Well, since I’m so wonderful for doing all of the dishes all weekend – can I get out of hearing about what you’re learning?

She laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and I think you get the idea………

PS – Don’t think I only did Accounting homework this weekend – I also finished my Risk Analysis and Decisions, Economics, and Communications homework, too.


Pretty Mahana said...

Don't worry Sammie. I do the same thing to Jon.

Martha said...

Wow Sammie, it sounds like you and Adam have the same homework load. I'm just grateful it's him not me. I'd way rather do the dishes than study. I'm nicer than Melba though. I let him tell me his boring stuff--I just tune out and say "uh-huh" enough to make him think I'm listening. By the way, do you guys have links to the Cannon's blogs? I heard Curt's is hilarious.

Samantha Skylark said...

hey sammie i found your blog -- i misplaced it. anyway hope and Melissa are all doing well.

my landlady finally bit the dust and left! haha i'm sooo sad about it too. She wrote a sappy letter saying how wonderful it was to be our landlady (aha yeah..)

i plan to upgrade to a 1-bedroom apt in the new year and get away from it all.

-Renee (your old neighbor)