Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Star Wars Opera

I went to an Opera at the Kennedy Center last night. It was Wagner's Die Walkure with Placido Domingo as tenor. It was FABULOUS! My friend, Anne, and I had a wonderful time!

I got home too late last night to tell Sammie about it, so this morning, we had the following conversation.

Sammie: (after rejecting my suggestion that we hold opera day and sing all of our conversations operatic style) How was the opera?

Melba: Oh it was fabulous! I totally loved it. The singing was...

S: Really? Compare it to Barefoot, so I have something to measure it by.

M: (Laughing.) That's like apples and... (As I searched for an appropriate comparison, I saw the Star Wars pillow that Sammie had thrown at me when I sang "good morning" to him.) storm troopers! It's like comparing apples and storm troopers!

S: Really? Barefoot is apples and Placido Domingo's a storm trooper?

M: (laughing)

S: Placido Domingo was in an opera about Star Wars and you didn't even invite me?

Some people just don't appreciate culture.

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jeremy said...

True, some people don't appreciate culture... how else could we explain that you don't seem very excited about an opera about Star Wars...