Friday, October 06, 2006

Some people have problems so big (mostly brought on by themselves) the problems are best defined as prah-lums. For example -- look at these people. Stupid. And who names their kid Lemuel -- don't you think you're really starting him off on the wrong foot? Did they want him to grow up and be like, well, like how he is now that he's grown up? Mormons will raise an eyebrow everytime the name is used, and non-mormons will say, "I've never heard of the name Lemuel -- where does it come from?" And how did this dude's parents expect him to respond?

Anyway, here's the funny part -- my grandmother's maiden name is Redd. So now I wonder if I'm related to these wierdos. I guess the police in the film Spinal Tap put it best by saying, "Some things are better left unsolved."

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cath said...

not sure if you look back for posts or not, but i thought i would share with you that my co-yw-advisor's father is named lemuel -- and his parents were NOT lds! turns out it is in the OT (proverbs 31) ... her mom was a little nervous marrying a lemuel, and didn't want to name her kid that, but he was the third in the family line and so her brother is named lemuel the 4th! they call him "i-v" for short. he just got married and it looks like "v" will be joining the family soon!!